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Harvest shows mixed bag

Area producers are continuing to harvest small grains as weather provides only slightly drier conditions than what has been seen over the growing season.

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County school enrollments on upswing

Schools in McLean County, as well as McClusky and Lewis and Clark North Shore (Makoti and Plaza), are bucking the trend of declining enrollments around the state.

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Growth spurs housing activity

New homes, bustling activity on Main Street, full motel rooms, other construction projects abound.

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Sakakawea RV expanding

It’s no secret that the housing situation in the area is tight. Due to limited housing options, Sakakawea RV Park, just south of Garrison, is in the midst of an expansion project.

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Plan A – keep the family together

Bump! The bump, not audible, is an increase in the number of students attending school in Garrison.

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Enrollment grows

When the Garrison School opens its doors for a new year on Monday, it will see an influx of new students – to the tune of nearly 50.

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School bond issue imminent

It’s full steam ahead on school building improvements that for the time being won’t cost the taxpayers anything extra. But that’s just until a bond issue can get a pass from the voters.

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EPA approves permit for Makoti refinery

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a key permit for the proposed petroleum refinery on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation near Makoti.

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BLFG to hear 2nd proposal for community foundation

A second proposal to affiliate a community foundation in Garrison with a larger non-profit 501(c)3 organization in the state was scheduled to be submitted at a public meeting of Better Living for Garrison, Inc., on Wednesday of this week.

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Ice rink won’t be built by pool

Among the first orders of business during Monday’s Garrison City Council meeting was an unsuccessful attempt by park board members to have a recent council decision reversed.

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