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Corps considers transfer to state of some rec sites

Since the Garrison Dam was completed in 1954, most of the land around Lake Sakakawea was overseen by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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Ballots coming in

The General Election is still about three weeks off, but already about half of the eligible voters in McLean County have or will be casting their ballot via the Vote-by-Mail method.

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Bond election meeting Monday

A pitch was made Tuesday evening to get as many people as possible to attend a meeting to launch the marketing of a $9 million school bond election.

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Peavey elevator to come down

A landmark in Garrison’s skyline that has stood for decades will soon be no more. The Peavey elevator is scheduled for demolition.

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Details form on bond issue

The same day Velva will host a grand opening on its new school addition, dozens of people will gather 65 miles away to discuss what to take to voters for a Nov. 13 $9 million bond election.

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Garbage provider chosen

Waste Management will be the new garbage service provider for Garrison, beginning Jan. 1.

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Bond issue advanced

It’s time to get the ball rolling, bringing a bond issue before the patrons of the Garrison School District.

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Controlled burn policy explained

Dry and windy – it’s a perfect combination for fires to quickly spread out of control.

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Annex denied

It was their turn to step up to the plate in front of the North Dakota Board of Public School Education.

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Fox to represent White Shield area

It was a long night of controversy before the winner of Tuesday’s election was chosen.

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