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Full-time kindergarten proposed at Garrison

Youngsters ready to enter kindergarten this fall at Garrison will hit the ground running.

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Marina slip rates decided

Boat owners who want to rent a slip at either marina at Fort Stevenson State Park, or Lewis and Clark State Park near Williston, can breathe a sigh of relief

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‘Stranger danger’ awareness

This past week, area youngsters were introduced to an important subject – stranger danger.

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E-mailing among officials riles commissioner

Julie Hudson-Schenfisch was on a mission. As a McLean County commissioner and a board member of the N.D. Association of Coal Conversion Counties, she repeated her message again and again: e-mailing among members was a violation of the open meetings law.

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‘Camper’ residents local asset

This winter there is a new phenomenon in the Garrison area – RV parks that are filled with camping trailers. Not only are the mobile structures on site, many are occupied – not a typical situation during the winter months.

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Generator purchase raises questions

The city’s recent purchase of a diesel generator has created more than one question.

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School bond vote delayed

It took just a few minutes for the Garrison School Board to decide Feb. 15 to postpone the bond election on additions and remodeling to both schools.

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Who's out there?

National media reports remind us daily that west-central North Dakota is changing. It’s reported that crime is on the upswing and sales of handgun and pepper spray are skyrocketing.

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To annex or not to annex

One hurdle has been cleared for patrons and landowners who want their property annexed to the Max School District from part of the Lewis & Clark North Shore School District.

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Burglary, drugs ring leads to six arrests

What started as a string of burglaries throughout much of northern North Dakota led to a high speed chase to Denbigh and the arrest of two suspects, Brent and Jason Ellis of Willow City.

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