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School bond vote delayed

It took just a few minutes for the Garrison School Board to decide Feb. 15 to postpone the bond election on additions and remodeling to both schools.

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Who's out there?

National media reports remind us daily that west-central North Dakota is changing. It’s reported that crime is on the upswing and sales of handgun and pepper spray are skyrocketing.

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To annex or not to annex

One hurdle has been cleared for patrons and landowners who want their property annexed to the Max School District from part of the Lewis & Clark North Shore School District.

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Burglary, drugs ring leads to six arrests

What started as a string of burglaries throughout much of northern North Dakota led to a high speed chase to Denbigh and the arrest of two suspects, Brent and Jason Ellis of Willow City.

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Merger proposed

A merger of two area cooperatives is planned that would join CHS/Garrison Farmers Union Elevator and Falkirk Farmers Elevator. It would also include the Falkirk Farmers Elevator terminal in Hazen.

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Development concerns township

Three residents from the northwest portion of the county visited county commissioners during the last regular commission meeting with a concern that a development was coming into their area.

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Growth ahead

That’s the message delivered to those who attended the annual meeting of the Garrison Area Improvement Association (GAIA) Monday evening.

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Garrison man apprehended in local heist

A 22-year-old former Garrison man who recently moved to Bismarck is in custody in Mountrail County, awaiting extradition to McLean County, for his part in the burglary of a Garrison business.

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Convert to digital or close

It began with silent movies, then came “talkies.” Black and white became color.

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Countdown to a record?

Can Lake Sakakawea make it another week without being officially called completely frozen over?

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