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Garrison grad ‘did it her way’

It’s graduation time and congratulations are certainly in order.

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Garrison board, teachers set fast pace toward salary negotiations

When your negotiator is paid $195 an hour, the meeting starts on time and moves along like a 4th grader racing to recess.

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Gieser to be marina concessionaire

A familiar face and a familiar business will be in charge of the concession operation at Fort Stevenson Marina this summer.

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Public invited to tour ‘The Meadows’

Area residents have heard a lot about “The Meadows,” an assisted living center that is being built in Garrison.

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Spring fieldwork at mixed stages in McLean County

The bad news this year is that North Dakotans were able to measure the snow in feet, instead of inches this winter.

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FEMA estimates damage to county roads

More than 450 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) personnel have made their way across the nation to North Dakota.

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House OK’s highway bill

It’s looking like there might be additional funds coming to counties in North Dakota for road construction and repair in the aftermath of record flooding and snow damage.

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Winter, spring straining county’s financial situation

It ‘s the winter that keeps on giving and giving, or in McLean County’s case, it’s become a case of taking and taking and taking as the county’s

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Full-time kindergarten, student numbers top agenda

An uncertainty about the size of classrooms next year forced the Garrison School Board Monday evening to wrestle with class size and the number of teachers to hire.

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Caution urged as some roads see major flooding

When water began to creep over McLean County roads, few county officials and residents could honestly say that they were stunned.

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