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MEC bills to be ‘rounded up’

Members of McLean Electric Cooperative will soon be paying more for their electric power. The increase is not due to a rate increase, however; it is by choice.

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Garrison High School principal resigns

You could have heard a pin drop. No one knew the announcement was coming. But when Superintendent Steve Brannan said high school Principal Darwin Routledge had given his verbal resignation Tuesday, board members were left dumbfounded.

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School building project stalls

At the recommendation of the Building and Grounds Committee, Garrison School Board members agreed now is not the time to move forward with expansion projects at the high school and elementary school.

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Rink location not set

The location for the replacement indoor skating rink is not set in stone – just yet. It appeared that the location for the new indoor facility was determined by a vote of the Garrison City Council Monday night, June 6. The council voted unanimously by roll call vote.

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State Park busy

“It’s been a wild, wild spring and it looks like its going to continue into summer.” That’s the word from Dick Messerly, manager of Fort Stevenson State Park.

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The saga of the spillway

For the first time in the 57-year history of the Garrison Dam, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened spillway gates June 1 to drain flood waters from Lake Sakakawea into the Missouri River.

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High lake level impacts state park

Just a few years ago, several Garrison residents tackled a massive endeavor – working to get a new marina built at Fort Stevenson State Park.

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Tom Roe, Bismarck, has fished the upper stretch of the Missouri River hundreds of times. On Saturday, Roe stood above the Tailrace staring down at a furious, frothing, nearly-unrecognizable river.

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Bracing for the worst

They hung on every word spoken. Farmers, cabin owners, county officials – all were wondering how they will be impacted when the level of Lake Audubon is increased over the next few weeks.

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More water coming down the Missouri River - now!

It is possible that Garrison Dam may be within a foot of the top of its spillway gates by this time next week.

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