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Faith, family, friends got them through

You are never alone.

Posted 2/03/10 (Wed) read more »

GAIA wrestles with new ‘problem’

While most people may regard a problem as something negative, the problem faced by the Garrison Area Improvement Association is anything but negative. It fact, it’s a good thing.

Posted 1/27/10 (Wed) read more »

Weekend storm cripples the area

This past weekend’s storm was more bark than bite – at least early on. But never wake a sleeping dog.

Posted 1/27/10 (Wed) read more »

GAIA annual meeting set for Monday

Two annual events will be held next week in Garrison and both are open to the public.

Posted 1/20/10 (Wed) read more »

Chamber encourages teachers-board to settle

Teachers and school board members got an earful recently from the Garrison Chamber of Commerce.

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Hoeven announces for Senate

Sen. Byron Dorgan’s announcement could change the landscape of North Dakota politics as candidates line up to jockey for position.

Posted 1/14/10 (Thu) read more »

The tale of Dickens past

It’s only been a month since the close of the 2009 Dickens Village Festival in Garrison. With the 2010 Dickens Festival more than 10 months away, committee members have time to relax, to revel in the success of the 14th annual event.

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Bicentennial lots sold

Garrison’s City Council has unanimously approved the sale of 20 lots in the Bicentennial Addition to Cecil Osterlund and Nathan Turck.

Posted 1/06/10 (Wed) read more »

Motel project is in full swing

If all goes as planned Garrison will have a new motel by the time tourist season rolls around this spring.

Posted 1/06/10 (Wed) read more »

McLean County Courthouse conundrum

Drip, drip, drip. How much more?

Posted 12/29/09 (Tue) read more »