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There’s been a lot of ‘digging out’

It’s great to break records, to exceed beyond preset limits. While it is exhilarating when some records are broken others are best left alone. Among those that might fall int0 that category are those that have to do with weather extremes. Unfortunately, it appears that the winter of 2010-11 just could pan out to be another snowfall record-breaker for the local area. Setting a weather-related record means reaching an extreme. As a general rule, extreme weather is not a good thing!

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Rescue squad receives grant

A gift of $1,000 from the Beach Party Committee, along with a matching grant of $4,800 through the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, has enabled the Garrison Fire and Rescue Squad to update its aging dive gear. The $1,000 donation from the Beach Party Committee was presented to fire department First Assistant Fire Chief Tod Graeber by Sharon Jungling, member of the Beach Party Committee.

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Board edgy over building tax hike

There was a minor case of cold feet at a recent Garrison School Board meeting. Board member Steve Seidler asked, “Is the community ready for a $5 million, $10 million bond issue?”

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Fishing committee disbanded

The Garrison Chamber of Commerce is generally regarded as a progressive group.

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Uproar in the Douglas community

The Douglas Post Office is relatively small – in fact, it’s about the right size for a few patrons to be served at a time.

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Elevator expansion to add speed, efficiency

It’s all about speed and efficiency. And for many farmers, speed and efficiency equals valuable time and welcome money.

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School building project enters first stage

A committee of patrons and board members are at the stage where they’re just putting on their work boots to move the district towards a multi-million dollar school building project.

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Final Dickens weekend begins Friday

While some Garrison retailers are smiling, others seem a bit disappointed.

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Bus policies under scrutiny

A few loose arrangements are slowly making their way into policy for the Garrison School District.

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Newcomer brings life to SACA stage

Want to get hooked on Garrison and hooked on Dickens – just ask Lisa Maki and her husband Mike how easy it is.

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