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Garrison School Board stays on course with status quo vote

Melissa Rud and Karla Scheresky were re-elected Tuesday to three-year terms on the Garrison School Board.

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Garrison school salary negotiations begin

Garrison educators came in strong in the first round of salary negotiations. Garrison educators asked for an 8.5 percent and an 8 percent salary increase for the next two years, based on the 2011 Legislature’s intended disbursement of almost $500,000 in new dollars to the Garrison district.

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Road weary

That’s how McLean County officials describe the work that needs to be done to bring roads in the county back to a semblance of normal after this past winter.

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Bidders get set to work

About 20 contractors assembled last Thursday in the very garage that will soon be removed to make room for the new McLean County Courthouse.

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Paving to cost a pretty penny

Council members gasped. If the City of Garrison were to patch and overlay all 34 areas and streets marked as needing attention by Bechtold Paving officials in Minot, it would cost more than $450,000.

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Tennis court project contractors named

Groundwork will begin as soon as weather permits on two tennis courts in Garrison. The courts will be in northwest Garrison and adjacent to the swimming pool.

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Wouldn’t it be n’ice’

Consensus is that the indoor ice skating rink should be rebuilt. The question is – where?

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Street repairs to be expensive

The City of Garrison has budgeted $103,000 for street repairs this summer. It may sound like a lot, but with the amount of damage already seen around town, that amount is just a drop in the bucket.

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Water for sale?

Garrison city officials said the timing couldn’t be better. The community is facing what officials say is an insurmountable task of major repairs to streets this summer.

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It’s the worst he’s seen

What McLean County Highway Superintendent Ron Wagner saw as he toured the county Tuesday, surveying the damage to county roads was sobering.

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