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FBI is investigating

The FBI continues to investigate the death this past Thursday of a White Shield youth.

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Sletten apologizes, justifies felony action

Pride, vanity and a desire to support his family were the three reasons former Garrison attorney Doug Sletten gave for raiding his clients' trust accounts.

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Bringing sight to the world

Enough recycled eyeglasses to fit every North Dakotan. That's more than 635,000.

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New sirens for Garrison?

It appears that Garrison will have some new sirens to warn residents of an impending emergency.

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Dickens Festival

After a busy Thanksgiving weekend, the Garrison community is gearing up for the second chapter of its 2008 Dickens Village Festival.

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Child endangerment charges are being scrutinized again

A New York watchdog organization will have its eyes on McLean County Dec. 4.

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Dickens Festival is set to begin

If the Garrison community had just one word to encourage visitors to attend its annual Dickens Village Festival it would likely be a hearty "Welcome!"

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Garrison gears up for holiday season

One thing was obvious Monday during the regular meeting of the Garrison Chamber of Commerce - the community is alive with events.

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Growth spurring construction spike

Growth is good. And in these times of economic uncertainty, any type of growth is a Godsend.

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"Snowness." "Snovember"

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