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Marina poised to provide lifetime of fun

The Garrison Bay Marina is now complete. Work concluded on the new facility on the west side of Fort Stevenson State Park about six weeks ago.

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Council moves on redy-mix plant

Garrison city officials put bringing a redy-mix plant to Garrison on the fast track Monday night.

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City picks Ellison

The Garrison City Council talked a little trash Monday night, and who should provide residential garbage service to the community for the next three years.

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Hoeven-Dorgan race would be neck, neck

A U.S. Senate race between Gov. John Hoeven and incumbent Sen. Byron Dorgan would be neck-and-neck if the election were held today, according to the latest North Dakota Prairie Poll.

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Highway 83 paving begins

If Mother Nature cooperates, motorists should be driving on the southbound lane of U. S. Highway 83 within a short time.

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Garrison school closing school lunch hour

Newsflash! It will be possible to get a sandwich at a Garrison fast food stop at noon without dodging teenage drivers and long lines at the checkout counter.

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A dog named Hawk

The nose knows.

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Preparations being made for 2010 census

You can count on the census. It comes around every decade without fail.

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Flu taking a hold

It’s here, and fears are that it won’t be going away anytime soon. Flu season has arrived, and it’s making a statement at Garrison High School.

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Garbage contract is up for grabs

The Garrison City Council needs time to think – to mull over who should be awarded the next contract to provide garbage service to the residents of Garrison.

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