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Courthouse woes require permanent fix

“It’s the right decision for the future.” Although the words were spoken by Ladd Erickson, McLean County state’s attorney, nobody in the room disagreed.

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Board members take tiny steps toward bond issue

Although almost a million dollars have been spent on improvements to the Garrison schools in the past few years, a committee of board members and faculty made plans Tuesday evening for more projects.

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5o years of harvesting history

It’s dubbed the largest steam threshing show in North Dakota. And this year it will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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Auditorium rental fees increased

There are some new rates for use of the Garrison City Auditorium.

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Study: Dickens generates $175,000 a day

Naysayers: hold on to your woolie socks.

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Polling place relocated from Roseglen to Raub

Voters in western McLean County will have a new place to cast their ballots come this fall.

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Housing availability questioned

Meeting the demand for housing can be a juggling act at best. What does the customer want – or need?

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Judge: confiscation ‘unjustifiable’

A South Central District Court judge has determined that animals taken by McLean County officials from a Douglas area farmer this past week for alleged mistreatment was done unjustifiably.

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Break-ins reported

It was a tough week for bar owners in Douglas and Makoti. Both communities’ establishments were the target of burglars.

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‘Super’ explains budget surplus

“I’m wondering why our carryover is so huge?”

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