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County enrollment is strong to steady

McLean County and area schools are experiencing a bit of an enrollment jump.

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School counts up 9% in Garrison, White Shield

The summer is over. It’s back to school for area students.

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Principal hired

Makoti native Troy Walters will be the new Garrison High School principal. Walters, currently a high school history teacher at Grenora Public High School and elementary principal, was hired Tuesday night and started work Wednesday.

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Heritage Park plans continue

What about Heritage Park?

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Meadows opening reset; campaign tops $525,000

Dates for renting one- and two-bedroom apartments at The Meadows and for the grand opening-dedication of the new assisted living facility were selected at a meeting of the Better Living for Garrison (BLFG) board of directors last week.

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Equalization process under review

City officials say they have a beef with McLean County when it comes to how the county handled board of equalization meetings for the City of Garrison.

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Strong support for veteran teachers

There was no fat lady singing.

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Impasse hearing is set for Monday

The Garrison School District is inching closer toward being able to issue teacher contracts for the upcoming school year.

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Prospect for a new motel is positive

It’s certainly not a “done deal,” but the possibility of a new motel in Garrison appears to be very good.

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Solid financial picture viewed by school board

The cash register had a resounding ring at a meeting of the Garrison School Board Tuesday evening.

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