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Uproar in the Douglas community

The Douglas Post Office is relatively small – in fact, it’s about the right size for a few patrons to be served at a time.

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Elevator expansion to add speed, efficiency

It’s all about speed and efficiency. And for many farmers, speed and efficiency equals valuable time and welcome money.

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School building project enters first stage

A committee of patrons and board members are at the stage where they’re just putting on their work boots to move the district towards a multi-million dollar school building project.

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Final Dickens weekend begins Friday

While some Garrison retailers are smiling, others seem a bit disappointed.

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Bus policies under scrutiny

A few loose arrangements are slowly making their way into policy for the Garrison School District.

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Newcomer brings life to SACA stage

Want to get hooked on Garrison and hooked on Dickens – just ask Lisa Maki and her husband Mike how easy it is.

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Entertainment, entertainment!

Don’t feel bad if you missed the first weekend of Garrison’s Dickens Village Festival.

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Garrison board chooses architect

It’s off to the drawing board for the architectural firm of Anderson Wade & Whitty of Minot. Garrison School Board members unanimously approved hiring the firm this past Thursday.

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Garrison celebrates Christmas

“We had to write a feature story and the first thing that popped into my head when my instructor was giving the assignment was the Dickens Festival,” she said.

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After Alzheimer’s: life goes on

Driving in the pickup, Elaine Noon often turns to the empty seat next to her when she is stopped at a stop sign.

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