A horn of plenty

9/18/13 (Wed)

Harvest shows bountiful numbers


This spring, farmers were being held back from getting their crops in because it was too wet. June came and hundreds of acres were forced to sit idle. For those that were able to get seed in the ground early, signs are that this year’s harvest will be one of the best.

But a like football game with the score 42-0, and it’s only the half, it looks like a sure victory. Yet, there’s another half to go. Nonetheless, producers are starting to smile at the potential outcome.

"All crops have done well with the moisture we received throughout the crop year and I would say if we get the corn, beans and sunflowers this will be one of the best yield years we have seen in this area," said Garrison Farmers Union Elevator/CHS Manager Chris Gratton.

While a couple weeks ago the window was only slightly open, shortening the harvest day due to damp conditions in the morning and evening dew setting in early, the past few days drier conditions have opened the window much wider. Harvesters have been burning the late night oil as farmers strive to get the small grain crop off.

"Harvest has progressed nicely in the last 10 days with most farmers saying they will finish all of the small grains in the next few days, weather permitting," Gratton said.

Times have changed. Gratton said it used to be when small grain harvest was done it was a relief. "But, now we have so many row crops that most are only 50-60 percent done with their total acres," he said.