Garrison school salary negotiations begin

5/12/11 (Thu)

Garrison school salary negotiations begin

Garrison educators came in strong in the first round of salary negotiations.
Garrison educators asked for an 8.5 percent and an 8 percent salary increase for the next two years, based on the 2011 Legislature’s intended disbursement of almost $500,000 in new dollars to the Garrison district. The first meeting between committees of board members and teachers was May 4; the next meeting was Wednesday at 7 p.m.
In justification, Nick Schmitz, teacher, said, “It’s not a cheap place to live anymore.” He said teachers like him are paying $650 a month rent and nearly $4 a gallon for gas to drive to Minot or Bismarck. “You might want to think about that when you think about the talent you want to attract here.”
The Legislature appropriated $901 million to North Dakota schools for teacher pay over the next two school years. The Garrison district’s share of that is $498,000 to be spread between the next two years. Districts are required to pay up to 70 percent toward compensation (including benefits) of teachers.