Impasse hearing is set for Monday

7/30/09 (Thu)

Impasse hearing is set for Monday
The Garrison School District is inching closer toward being able to issue teacher contracts for the upcoming school year.
An Education Fact-finding Commission will hear testimony concerning the teacher’s pay schedule at 3 p.m. Monday in the band room of the high school. The meeting is open to the public.
The matter was turned over to the Fact-finding Commission when negotiators declared an impasse June 22.
Teacher contracts were stalled after the school board offered a $2,000-a-year across-the-board increase to teachers and a first-year starting teacher salary of $27,500. The following school year the starting salary would have been $29,500 with a $3,000 a year across-the-board increase.
Teachers rejected the offer because they wanted a 6 percent increase this year and an 8 percent increase next year, a proposal that favors veteran teachers.
There were other issues that the two sides could not agree on, but salary remained the largest issue on the table.