Marv’s Bar sponsors local team for a quarter century of softball

8/06/09 (Thu)

Marv’s Bar sponsors local team for a quarter century of softball
In the second level of Marv’s Bar, scattered in every corner, is the older portion of the more than 170 trophies the Marv’s Bar Softball Team has brought home over the 25 years Marv Fueller has sponsored the team. “Most are McQuade and State trophies,” said Fueller.
The newest ones sit on display on the main floor area. This year, two new ones dominate: first place earned in Bismarck, “Forty and over, Division II” and second place at Fargo in State, “Thirty Five and over, Division II.”
Only two players of the original team still remain: brothers Randy Anderson and Joi Anderson. The rest have been replaced, several times over, by an estimated 40 to 50 players. “It’s a bunch of fun guys,” said Randy. “As long as we keep having fun we will keep playing.”
The team started playing with enthusiasm, and played every weekend for years; as they got older, they slowed down some, said Fueller. They pick up players for the state tournaments from other teams: the players have to be on the rosters of another team in order to be eligible.
They haven’t won McQuade’s yet, which is the Old Pro division for them now for the past 10-11 years, said Anderson.
“If you do good, you get moved.” This partly explains the Rec II and Rec III and Rec IV shifts that determine who and where you play.