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White caps dot surface on co-op issue

With opinions aired at recent meetings on both sides of the sports co-op issue, the Jan. 21 meeting of the board, with a time allotted for the public to speak, focused on the lack of enthusiasm for another or revised co-op with Underwood.

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Co-op plan still under scrutiny

The Underwood School Board was updated on the recent co-op meeting with Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky which was held last Wednesday, going through the areas where changes were made.

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‘Identity,’ travel stumbling blocks for proposed co-op

Members of the Underwood, Turtle Lake-Mercer and McClusky school boards, administration, and co-op committees met Monday afternoon in Underwood...

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Richard joins sheriff’s department

McLean County Sheriff JR Kerzmann continues to reorganize the sheriff’s department.

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Commission hopes to pare down floodwater costs

The terms valley gutter, catch basins and polypropylene pipe were bandied about over and over at last Wednesday’s special city commission meeting as commissioners tried to hone in on an acceptable figure for the upcoming floodwater project.

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Students work with ND clay

It’s a goal of every teacher to get his or her students excited about every project they’re doing, and it’s pretty much a given that each of the elementary teachers achieved that goal as pottery artist Robin Reynolds completed an Artist-in-Residence week with the students.

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City to visit with economic group about future

The Underwood City Commission won’t be holding another regular meeting during the month of January, but the commissioners do plan on scheduling a couple of other meetings...

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Looking back on 2014 - a year in review

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Triple-N-Transport up and running

When one hears about a new transport company setting up in the area these days, one tends to automatically think "oil," but Underwood’s Ross Pickar...

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Curve ball thrown at campaign efforts

A meeting to inform a Garrison Chamber committee about a capital campaign to build a new resource center in Washburn took an unexpected turn Monday.

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