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Augustana youth accept their mission

Tell the youth of the Augustana Lutheran Church that they get to go on a mission trip, where they will be expected to work, and you’ll get a surprising amount of enthusiasm.

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Midsummer Classic was sizzling

While the many volunteers of the second annual Midsummer Classic were a bit red in the face, there was nothing to be mad about.

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Don Gackle remembered

Don Gackle’s death this past Sunday leaves behind a lifetime of achievements.

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Commission tackling post office issue

With the threat of Underwood losing two hours per day of post office service looming, the Underwood City Commission is trying to come up with some ways to ensure the post office’s revenue doesn’t drop more than it already has since the city started allowing home delivery.

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Underwood Grille now open

In case you didn’t notice the extra traffic downtown, there is some added hustle and bustle, thanks to the opening of the new restaurant, Underwood Grille, on Lincoln Ave.

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Falkirk co-op says sell it all

Voting members of the Falkirk Farmers Elevator listened to the recommendation of the board of directors and voted to approve allowing the sale of all assets at a special meeting Monday night at the Washburn Memorial Building.

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Falkirk Elevator members to vote on liquidation

In the first informational meeting since the co-op members came together last winter to vote on a merger, the Falkirk Farmers Elevator board members talked about how they came to a state of insolvency.

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U.S. Hwy 83 work zone monitor nets offenders

It was an active day for the North Dakota Highway Patrol this past week, utilizing unmarked vehicles to monitor traffic in the construction zone on U. S. Highway 83.

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Planning to beat the oil boom

Western North Dakota is on the fast lane headed into new territory. Those that want to make sure that the future growth from oil development is a smooth ride have been gathering to plan and prepare themselves for the ups and downs along the way.

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The revival continues

If you thought parking was a little tight at the fair this weekend, you were right. All major indicators are showing that the McLean County Fair is as strong as ever and it’s not showing signs of slowing down.

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