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Grad finds new perspective

A dream of traveling to Africa took shape over Christmas break last year for Alexis Longtin, a native of Riverdale.

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Have it your way groceries

The idea of giving customers what they want is no new idea.

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Button up for a Hometown Holiday

Sleigh bells ringing, vocalists singing, and pine cones with a peanut butter covering are just a smattering of the events coming together for the Hometown Holidays events.

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Sold: City sells lots to Minot refugees

Residents and soon-to-be residents are grabbing up property in town for a chance at prime ground for cheap.

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Japanese scholar studies local ag operations

The production of rice in Japan is of utmost importance as it has been a staple on the food table for thousands of years there.

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Teachers and students welcome new technology

Ready access to technology via small packages like iPads and netbooks is being brought into classrooms in the local schools of Washburn, Wilton and Underwood.

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Kids enjoying new Poolside Park Playground

It was like Christmas in October when Bailey Gross caught sight of the new playground standing at the ready in Poolside Park.

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City of Underwood named Entrepreneurial Community of the Year

It was hard for Underwood Community Developer Becky Bowen to hold back her excitement upon accepting the award for Underwood as the Entrepreneurial Community of the Year.

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Coal Conversion Counties share concerns

EPA control, a vote to do away with property taxes and the growth of the oil industry were all major topics for discussion during the annual Coal Conversion Counties meeting held Wednesday night at Washburn’s Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

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Businesses urge you to go loco Friday

Whether you’re new to town or just never felt the urge to check out what your local business people have to offer, they hope you can find time on Friday to “Go Loco for Local.”

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