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School aiming for 12-straight with AYP

If the teachers at the Underwood School ever doubt what a good job they are doing...

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Sidewalk bid too high

There will be no new sidewalks in Underwood this fall.

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New teachers among new faces at school

There are a lot of new faces at the Underwood School as the 2012 school year starts.

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Local power plants will keep oil patch in hot water

The hydraulic fracturing process used to make oil recovery easier in the state’s oil patch is getting a much needed resource from local power plants.

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School board mulls tax increase

With talk of potential property tax breaks dancing in the political winds these days, the Underwood School Board was set to host a public meeting Tuesday night...

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The demand for sand

Smooth white sand isn’t just something vacation goers look forward to getting their hands or toes on anymore.

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City to continue with home mail delivery

The Underwood City Commission did an about-face on its proposed ordinance to prohibit home delivery of mail at its meeting last Wednesday.

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School enrollments mixed

Some are up, some are down. With classes underway at area schools, enrollment trends seem to swing like a pendulum.

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Harvest Fest crowd soaked

This year’s annual Harvest Fest in Underwood was one that will likely be remembered for a much needed shower that came at an inconvenient time.

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Youngster with gumption raises money for library

Jewel Maxwell has something that a lot of kids are missing out on.

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