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Thirty take empowering step for community

After suicide struck the community of Underwood last year, a group of residents have not been able to forget the void.

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Courthouse Construction catching up with dry weather

The new McLean County courthouse is rising up smoothly alongside the Law Enforcement Center and current courthouse.

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Local townships plan road recovery

McLean County townships are eager to continue fixing roads.

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Sayler Street concerns readdressed

The Underwood City Commission received a letter of concern from residents along Sayler Street regarding traffic damaging their street.

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2011: A year of weird weather

The beginning of 2011 was a frightful one as snow covered an already wet state.

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Kids Club enjoys strong numbers

At the Underwood School there is still a place where God is celebrated.

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Fire destroys T-Bones

An early morning fire destroyed the interior of T-Bones Restaurant and Lounge on Monday, according to the Underwood Fire Department and McLean County Sheriff’s Department.

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Christmas light winners announced

The Christmas lights were certainly abundant this season as many in Underwood took advantage of the fair weather.

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Potential buyer for housing visits Underwood

David Cuttler, the owner of the Elkridge Apartments in Underwood, recently spoke with Underwood Civic Club members and two city commissioners regarding his interest in the purchase of more temporary housing in town.

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Water plan hits the freezing point

Underwood City Commissioners discussed the plan for the drainage pump during their last regular meeting.

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