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Merger touted as ‘win-win’

Later this month, patron members of Falkirk Farmers Elevator Company will decide the future of their co-op.

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Trautman returns from Afghanistan

Fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Underwood School had the option to ask Robert Trautman any question at all.

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Burglary, drug ring leads to six arrests

What started as a string of burglaries throughout much of northern North Dakota led to a high speed chase to Denbigh and the arrest of two suspects, Brent and Jason Ellis of Willow City.

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School board works to minimize unpaid leave

The Underwood School District holds to a standard of providing students the best education possible.

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UCP moves ahead with new restaurant

An unlikely outcome of the recent burning of T-Bones Restaurant is the opportunity for the community to buy into a new restaurant through a local cooperation, Underwood Commercial Properties (UCP).

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County plans for temp housing

A developer near Ryder has plans of a 120-unit temporary housing facility with a convenience store and all the options for people looking for housing as they come from afar for a job in the oil fields.

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County should prepare for an oil ‘stampede’

At a county-wide meeting held at the Underwood City Hall last Thursday, the oil patch area in western North Dakota, particularly around the Stanley and Tioga area, was described as a “bison stampede,” by Mountrail County commissioner Greg Boschee---and not the good kind of Bison stampede that wins national football championships.

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Business people say city needs a restaurant

Not everyone in Underwood wants to eat at their kitchen table or from a sack lunch everyday.

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Thirty take empowering step for community

After suicide struck the community of Underwood last year, a group of residents have not been able to forget the void.

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Courthouse Construction catching up with dry weather

The new McLean County courthouse is rising up smoothly alongside the Law Enforcement Center and current courthouse.

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