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Kids enjoying new Poolside Park Playground

It was like Christmas in October when Bailey Gross caught sight of the new playground standing at the ready in Poolside Park.

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City of Underwood named Entrepreneurial Community of the Year

It was hard for Underwood Community Developer Becky Bowen to hold back her excitement upon accepting the award for Underwood as the Entrepreneurial Community of the Year.

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Coal Conversion Counties share concerns

EPA control, a vote to do away with property taxes and the growth of the oil industry were all major topics for discussion during the annual Coal Conversion Counties meeting held Wednesday night at Washburn’s Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

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Businesses urge you to go loco Friday

Whether you’re new to town or just never felt the urge to check out what your local business people have to offer, they hope you can find time on Friday to “Go Loco for Local.”

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Strasser, Ruff duo run marathon in Twin Cities

It’s getting to the season where most of us would rather let the vehicle warm up five minutes before driving it three blocks to work.

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City lots by fairgrounds not sold yet

The city property near the McLean County Fairgrounds has not been sold to the public yet but vehicles are already being parked there.

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Ritual on the river


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School board could be downsizing

For the time being, the Underwood School board appointed a new board member, Kelli Ruff, who will fill the seat of exiting board member Tania Eichhorst.

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Salhus new public works superintendent

During the process of hiring new city employees, specifically a new public works superintendent and janitor, during the Oct. 3 meeting, Underwood commissioners took time to recognize the work of one long time employee at the senior center.

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Coal Creek Station helps Spiritwood

Local workers at Coal Creek Station have been sharing their expertise to make sure the state’s newest power plant operates at an optimal level.

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