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Heritage area provides funds, but draws concern

Last spring some area landowners were a bit surprised and alarmed when five counties in the heart of North Dakota were designated as a national heritage area.

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Landsiedel celebrates 100 years

One of Gertie Landsiedel’s favorite memories of school was when her rural school teacher would write the lyrics of songs on the board then the children would sing her favorites, "Twilight Song" and "America."

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New restaurant will open next month

As Underwood’s newest community member, D’Eggos has a lot on its plate.

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County recognized for being ‘StormReady’

North Dakotans understand better than most how dangerous severe weather can be.

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Students learn life-saving techniques

Thanks to a new course, a number of Underwood students will know what to do in an emergency situation.

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Golf course to receive bailout

Westridge Golf Course is in need of some financial assistance thanks to lagging membership in recent years and decreased revenue.

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A rifle blast from the past

It takes special talent to shoot a rifle, especially if the intended target is a few hundred yards away.

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Area bus driver shortage threatens sports schedule

Getting from Point A to Point B is really tough these days if you’re a Comet.

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People pull together to reopen a restaurant

Teamwork was what everyone had in mind during last week’s "Stone Soup" meeting.

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Budget up 6 percent: McLean County plans for 2010 fiscal year

McLean County officials got their first look Monday at the $8.1 million 2010 proposed budget.

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