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County Courthouse bidders get ready to work

About 20 contractors assembled in the very garage that will soon be removed to make room for the new McLean County Courthouse last Thursday.

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Water levels continue to cause concern

Water is supposed to go down-hill or down into the ground and that process could not happen soon enough for a number of residents in Underwood who have had an abundance of water flowing into their basements this spring.

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School buying some new wheels

With the school year drawing down and the general fund balance in good shape, the Underwood School looks to make some new purchases to replace old equipment.

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A friend of the farm

After 35 years as an NDSU extension agent for McLean County, you’d think the people from around the county would have some pretty good stories to tell about Pat Carpentier as he retires.

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Woes of flood waters widespread

Highway superintendent Ron Wagner gave a brief summary of what the water is doing to area highways during the McLean County Commission meeting Monday morning.

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Business consultant ready to serve

Brent Fjeldheim’s first impression of North Dakota was that the people had a positive perspective on their economy.

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County declares flood emergency

Issues of flooding in the county has led to McLean County Commissioners declaring a flood emergency.

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New additions in the public library

The Underwood Library has added some new inventory recently that allows visitors to stop in for more than just a good read.

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Supt. agrees to fill Underwood position

Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock Superintendent and Secondary Principal Brandt Dick has agreed to sign a two-year contract to fill the half-time superintendent position in the Underwood School District starting for the 2011-12 school year.

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Small Business Center opening Friday

The McLean Sheridan Small Business Development Center in Underwood is set to open April 1 with a grand opening to follow a few weeks later.

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