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Learning respect by the fist and foot

The old wax on, wax off routine may have seemed a little odd but as many of us know, the discipline taught some important skills in self defense and respect.

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Superintendent specs narrowed

During the end of January, Underwood School superintendent Dale Ekstrom announced his plans for retirement at the end of the school year.

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Courthouse plans approved

After numerous pairs of eyes examined preliminary floor plans for a new county courthouse, a giant hurdle has been cleared.

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Teaching music smarter

Zach Cottingham, a sixth-grade student at Underwood School, made a big decision when he switched from playing saxophone to playing the drums this year.

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Student drivers ‘out of control’

"It makes you think a lot more about trying to do it."

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Courthouse plans presented to commissioners

Preliminary plans for a new McLean County Courthouse were presented to Washburn City Commissioners on Monday night by McLean County States Attorney Ladd Erickson.

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North Dakota students lead the way in science and math

A recent release from the National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that last year’s eighth-grade students were the top in the nation in science.

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E15 more widely accepted after EPA ruling

About 60 percent of vehicles now on the road are able to use E15 (a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline) in their gas tanks thanks to a new United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruling.

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Courthouse plans getting thumbs-up

While plans for the new county courthouse have not been finalized, they appear to meet the needs of several county entities.

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Supt. Ekstrom to retire

It appeared he wouldn’t get a motion for his notice of resignation/retirement but Supt. Dale Ekstrom eventually got approval and a thank you for serving the Underwood School for the past nine years.

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