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Youth weigh in on teen center

When speaking of economic development, the students of Underwood are aware that it takes business development, it takes community beautification and it takes more opportunities.

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Underwood commissioners meet with deputies

The McLean County Sheriff’s Department was represented by Sheriff Don Charging and deputies Craig Salhus and Gordon Malaterre at the last regular Underwood City Commission meeting held Oct. 18.

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Hornbergers will have first home in Westridge

A three-person crew is steadily assembling a new home in the Westridge Estates in Underwood.

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Underwood artist’s works exhibited in offices of governor and first lady

The question of what makes something art is the subject of discussion in many an art class.

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Election Day is around the corner

McLean County voters will be heading to the polls Nov. 2.

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Fewer delinquent tax properties to go for sale

The McLean County delinquent taxpayers owing over $4,000 continues to shrink.

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Grisham’s biggest fan wants to make you one, too

Since an early age young Jeffrey Higbie was interested in the legal thriller-style writings of John Grisham.

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Charging ropes another win

If this were the 1800s you could bet that crime would be dealt with by the eagle-eye roping skills of Sheriff Don Charging riding through the muddy streets on the back of his horse Soda Pop.

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Sign up today to market Underwood

No one could disagree with economic and community developer Becky Bowen when she said that Underwood has a lot going for it already.

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Ask questions, save a life

Sometimes all it takes is one question to save a person’s life.

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