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E-reading could mean change in traffic for local libraries

These days fewer and fewer readers are choosing to buy that crisp new book when they can download a book on a sleek and smaller electronic reading device.

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Garbage, sewer rates on the rise

While water funds seem to be doing well in Underwood, sewer and garbage rates will rise. City auditor Diane Schell recommended not changing the water rate as the water fund is $16,000 in the plus.

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Fransen continues positive push

The Positive Person of 2010 recognition was started as a way to honor those who have gone above and beyond just doing their job.

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Give T-shirts new life

The life cycle of the T-shirt often goes from that favorite-fitting cotton tee to a floor scrubbing rag in a matter of a few years.

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Teachers: average benefits up 9 percent in two years

Pay hikes for teachers grew in the single digits over the past years.

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Elk Ridge Apartments under new ownership

If all goes as planned, Elk Ridge Apartments in Underwood will be sold to a new owner today.

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One man’s junk, another’s treasure

The city has been ordered by the First District Health Unit to clean the property of Blackie Weisenburger of any junk, trash or miscellaneous debris.

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Safe Routes to Schools gets go ahead … for now

If the residents of Underwood support a plan for additional sidewalks in town there could be some additions and updates to area routes to school.

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Directors discuss new phones, keys

Administration at Underwood School think it’s time for a more reliable phone system and the school board of directors agrees.

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Oil country

McLean County may not be a big player yet in the oil industry, but a small portion of extreme northwest McLean County is picking up steam as activity expands south from bustling Mountrail County, where activity is abundant.

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