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Underwood’s growth won’t stop soon

Underwood’s business district and residential areas are growing.

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New discoveries at a farm near you

Your day-to-day operations may seem like a drop of rain in the ocean, but in some cases there could be a larger environmental impact than you think.

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Remembering Ingersoll School 125 years later

It would have been easy enough to forget about the old Ingersoll School north of Washburn and let all the memories die with it.

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Kids say summer school is fun

Imagine a day of school where you can read your favorite book, paint a picture, eat cookies, play with your friends and run in the hallways.

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Underwood School Board looks for new member

The Underwood School Board just reinstated Kristie Seidler to the school board after her term was up this June.

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Students won’t forget the Alamo

When Harvey Public School band didn’t have quite enough students to make their trip to Texas, they needed to recruit a few more students from other schools.

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Now that’s refreshing

If it’s above 65 degrees, there’s a line of kids waiting to make a splash in the 78 degree waters of the Underwood Swimming Pool.

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Cottingham Insurance welcomes Hultberg

It wasn’t long ago that William Hultberg graduated from Underwood High School and headed out to the real world to find his calling.

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Commission considers budget and Blue Flint tax exemption request

McLean County commissioners discussed various budget issues and Blue Flint’s tax exemption request during the June 21 meeting.

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Build it and they will come

Even before officially owning Quality Lumber in Underwood, Zac Hedstrom and his partners in Building Innovations had plans in the works for revamping how the business does business.

Posted 6/16/10 (Wed) read more »