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Find what you’ve been missing

It’s estimated that 138 million people will rise out of bed the day after Thanksgiving to fight the crowds and get in on Black Friday deals this week.

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Recalling memories: ‘Uncle Barry’ recovering from stroke

Being a pastor, Barry Zietz has learned to appreciate the good in each and every person.

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Buchmann family called to Underwood

Making a move is usually a difficult transition no matter how far a distance.

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Commission considers ordinances, health inspection

Mailboxes, unlicensed cars, wind towers, health violations … you name it, city commissioners discussed it at the last Underwood City Commission meeting held Nov. 1.

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Consignment store coming soon

"No boundaries," that’s what Joe Fleischman is planning for his new consignment store, The Coal Bin consignment store.

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Underwood School now has 32 security cameras

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched?

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Youth weigh in on teen center

When speaking of economic development, the students of Underwood are aware that it takes business development, it takes community beautification and it takes more opportunities.

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Underwood commissioners meet with deputies

The McLean County Sheriff’s Department was represented by Sheriff Don Charging and deputies Craig Salhus and Gordon Malaterre at the last regular Underwood City Commission meeting held Oct. 18.

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Hornbergers will have first home in Westridge

A three-person crew is steadily assembling a new home in the Westridge Estates in Underwood.

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Underwood artist’s works exhibited in offices of governor and first lady

The question of what makes something art is the subject of discussion in many an art class.

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