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Cougars turn over win to Cardinals

The Central McLean Cougars suffered a pair of losses the past two weeks.

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Comets dominate Sawyer Flashes

Last Tuesday, the Underwood Comet volleyball team used their practiced skills wisely and managed to win 3-0 against Sawyer on Sawyer’s own floor.

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Wilton-Wing slips by Lady Comets

If the Underwood Comet volleyball team learned one thing in their game against the Wilton-Wing Miners on Thursday, they learned that momentum is a fickle thing.

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Cougars tromp Black Devils 50-30

Steady rains prior to Friday night’s game against the Hettinger Black Devils didn’t dampen the spirits of the Central McLean Cougars.

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Comets teach Center but learn a lesson from Glenburn

The Comets’ second game of the year was another three-period win for the team that went on their first road game of the season against Center-Stanton.

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Cougars pounce, Imperials fight back 40-6

Opening game of the gridiron season for the Central McLean Cougars pitted them against the Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter Imperials last Friday at Underwood.

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Exploring the beauty in your backyard in a rental

For the last 20 years Sandy McKay has been fortunate enough to have a front row seat to daily viewing of the Missouri River.

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Old players show they’ve still got what it takes

What better way to hang out with your old friends from days gone by then at an alumni basketball game.

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By the narrowest of margins…

Two one-hundredths of a pound is the weight of three or four pennies.

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Gearing up for the next season of rodeo

Riding horse just comes natural for Miranda Pochant, 17, of Coleharbor.

Posted 7/20/10 (Tue) read more »