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Cougars to face Skyhawks

Central McLean heads deep into Shiloh territory this Friday night, taking on the reigning 9-man champions on the Skyhawks’ home turf in Bismarck.

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Comet netters top Glenburn, falter at Center

The Underwood Comets saw the ups and downs of volleyball this past week, knocking off Glenburn, then faltering at the Center Invitational, where they placed third in the silver division.

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Cougars crush ‘Cats

Central McLean’s Wyatt Wilson and Zach Cottingham did their best to keep their numbers nice and tidy Friday night...

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‘Bergers – servin’ ‘em up

Instead of burger time, it was "berger time" Saturday as Underwood’s Lindsey Landenberger and Brooke Weisenberger both made good on all of their serves on the Comets’ way to a 3-0 drubbing of homestanding New Town on the volleyball court.

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Big plays — big first win

Welcome back to 9-man, boys.

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Cougar gridders take on Tioga Friday

There’s no doubt what the goal is for the Central McLean Cougars this season.

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Making a case for the muskie

When it comes to fish in North Dakota waters, one of the largest is the muskellunge.

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Cross country runners up!

Central McLean cross country is getting ready to start its new season; practices begin Monday, Aug. 10, at the Turtle Lake-Mercer School.

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Blue Goose Day - 106 youth participate

Arrows were flying, hammers were driving and deer antlers were being sought out at the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge, Coleharbor, last Thursday evening.

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Comet volleyball takes it to the ‘next level’

Members of the Underwood Comet Volleyball Team are hoping to take their skills to a whole new level, thanks to camp leader Dan Kuklock.

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