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The reason for the season

As the nativity scene glowed outside Velva’s Oak Valley Lutheran Church last Sunday night, inside the rafters were shaking as a holiday concert played to a full house.

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City commission talks streets, sidewalks and snow

At last Monday’s Velva City Commission meeting, much of the discussion centered on just a few topics: city streets, sidewalks, and anticipated snow removal.

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Ring in the holidays in Velva

As the first real snowfall of the winter arrived earlier this week, it accompanied the official start of this year’s holiday season. With that, it is once again time for Velva’s annual Santa Daze celebration, set this year for Dec. 11-12.

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What a difference a year makes!

When Thanksgiving arrived in 2008, it did so on the heels of blizzards, ice and high winds. The first snowstorm of the season hit the area weeks earlier, and as municipalities and individuals tried to dig out, it just kept coming … and coming.

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Contractors moving out

By the time you read this issue of the Voice, the remainder of the permanent signage should be up and Keller Paving should have finished up their prewinter work and left town. At Tuesday morning’s contractor meeting – the last one of the year – Justin Thurn said Keller’s punch list is short, and they should have things finished up and cleaned up by Wednesday, allowing them to pack up and move out.

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Acceptable arrangement

Last Thursday, Nov. 5, Velva city officials, DOT representatives and Keller Paving staff met to discuss winter preparations and other issues concerning Velva’s still-unfinished Main Street project. City officials wanted to know what Keller’s plans were as far as finishing the paving before the snow flies. Dean and Dustin Keller, as well as Justin Thurn, all from Keller Paving, were on hand to discuss the progress and the problems pertaining to the project.

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Cold weather, hot pavement

As cold weather threatens, this week’s warm temperatures are giving contractors the opportunity to finish up this year’s work on Main Street. At Tuesday morning’s meeting, Dustin Keller of Keller Paving said they will finish the concrete work by midweek, and then move on to paving the remainder of the street. “We plan to pave the bottom and second lifts on Thursday and Friday,” he said. “Zimmerman will be in town to seal the concrete by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.”

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Roads will be paved before winter

Responding to local concerns, both the contractors and DOT representatives insist there will be pavement on Velva’s Main Street by this winter.

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H1N1 vaccine available

McHenry County First District Health Unit will hold an H1N1 vaccination clinic for children ages 6 months through 4 years on Friday, October 23 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church in Towner. A limited supply of vaccine is available for pregnant women. Vaccination will be done on a walk-in-basis, no appointments will be taken. There is no charge for this vaccine. Vaccine cannot be given to sick children.

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Weather pressures spur street project

With early snow flurries already throwing a wrench in the works, contractors for the Velva Main Street project are putting the hammer down, trying to beat winter’s seasonal arrival.

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