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Commission to fight junk vehicle problem

“We need to get the word out to the public: if you send in a complaint about an abandoned or junk vehicle, we will act.”

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They came, they saw, they slept!

CANDISC riders pull into Velva

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Photography studio opening in Velva

After being without a local photography studio for several years, Velva will once again have a local professional photographer.

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City hires attorney, mayor candidates

The City of Velva has been without a city attorney for some time, and the city commission remedied that situation at its regular meeting on Monday night.

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Delaying haying and spraying

Local ag producers battled to get crops in this spring, and now, the continued wet conditions are slowing their attempts to spray those crops and take off their hay.

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Fun was had!

Velva celebrates Fourth and school centennial

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Tornado touches down near Velva

While there have been no damage reports, a tornado that touched down south of Velva last Tuesday, June 25, caused a bit of an uproar.

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City will spray mosquitoes

With the ground saturation, steady rains and standing water, it’s no wonder mosquitoes are a bigger problem than usual. In light of that fact, and the upcoming Fourth of July and school reunion activities in Velva, the city will be spraying the boulevards, park and other areas to help alleviate the irritating bugs.

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SVAC Art Walk

Second annual event starts July 1

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New superintendent for Velva school

Velva School Board meets

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