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Construction behind schedule, but progressing

Delays due to the flood and persistent rains have set back construction on the Velva School addition, but Superintendent Jeff Manley still feels the contractors are making good progress.

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City commission deals with pets, levee issues

One of the most common complaints registered in Velva is problems with dogs. Dogs barking. Dogs running loose. Dogs defecating on other people’s property.

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Concerns about county law enforcement

Velva Police Commissioner JD Larson attended the McHenry County Commission meeting this past Tuesday morning to share the Velva City Commission’s concerns about local law enforcement funding. At the Sept. 6th meeting, Larson expressed his – and the city’s _ worries about a number of policing issues, including an inadequate number of officers, low pay and long hours.

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House fire claims life

In the early morning hours of last Friday, August 26, a house fire in Velva destroyed the home of Marvin and Mona Miller. Later in the day, workers recovered the body of 52 year old Marvin from the smoldering remains.

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The worst is over, hopefully

As the waters of the Souris River continued to rise last week, so did the concerns of Velva residents. In response, the city commission hosted a meeting at the school gym to update people on the measures the city was taking to protect the town, as well as answer questions and calm nerves.

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A tip of the hat

At Velva Public School, students and staff joined forces to have some fun while raising money for the Brown family of Velva.

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School board awards bids

After the bids for the Velva Public School addition came in higher than expected, the Velva School Board and architects from Anderson, Wade & Whitty met in an attempt to find ways to bring the figures down.

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Family escapes fire, home total loss

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare, and the stakes are even higher when you’re parents. That nightmare became reality for Rob and Danya (Krumwiede) Brown last week as a house fire destroyed their Velva home. But the most important things were saved: the couple and their two-year-old twin sons, Aiden and Caleb.

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Where are your kids?

Where are your kids? Do you know? If you’re a parent who’s aware of the after school program in Velva, you do! If not, maybe it’s something you should look into.

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Levee discussions continue

Following a conference call that included Nancy Steinberger of FEMA, Velva city commissioners, city engineers and representatives from the Corps of Engineers, the city commissioners still had questions concerning levee certification.

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