A citywide sigh of relief

4/29/10 (Thu)

City leaders, business people and residents have been dreading spring this year for one simple reason: it would herald the return of construction equipment and torn-up streets.
But at Monday’s prejob meeting, Keller Paving representatives announced the attempts to correct many of the sewer problems using new technology have been successful, meaning Main Street disruption this spring will be minimal. Justin Thurn of Keller projected the entire project should be completed by May 15.
Also attending the meeting were representatives from the N.D. DOT, city engineers from Ackerman-Estvold, and city officials including Commissioner Scott Blotter, Mayor Cindy Shattuck, Public Works Superintendent Kelly Jemtrud and City Auditor Carol Bickler.
Last week, Keller Paving brought in Underground Technologies of southern Minnesota, which uses trenchless methods to correct line problems. The company ran a 9-foot vibrating machine through the misaligned sanitary sewer pipes, correcting sags and bad angles. A high-resolution camera checked the results, and Thurn was pleased with what he saw.
“It looked really good, real uniform, so it really helped,” he said. “There are a couple of spots we’ll need to dig up, but nothing too major.”