Acceptable arrangement

11/12/09 (Thu)

Last Thursday, Nov. 5, Velva city officials, DOT representatives and Keller Paving staff met to discuss winter preparations and other issues concerning Velva’s still-unfinished Main Street project.
City officials wanted to know what Keller’s plans were as far as finishing the paving before the snow flies. Dean and Dustin Keller, as well as Justin Thurn, all from Keller Paving, were on hand to discuss the progress and the problems pertaining to the project.
“We have to know what to do with the sewer,” said Dean Keller. “We need to understand clearly what is acceptable.”
City Commissioner Scott Blotter said the first priority was manhole #10.
“Obviously, number ten has to be lowered,” he said. “It has to be done, there’s no way around it.”
Discussion then turned to the questionable stretches of sewer pipe that city officials say has to be dug up and repaired. While City Engineer Alan Estvold felt one or two inches of standing water “here and there” was acceptable, a camera scope of the line shows considerably more problems than that.
“When that camera goes under water, we have no idea how deep that water is,” Estvold said. “There’s no debate that those areas have to be repaired.”
Keller agreed, and added the underground contractor, Robert Gibb and Sons, said the repair work wouldn’t be a problem.