City commission to enforce ordinance

8/13/09 (Thu)

Last Monday’s meeting of the Velva City Commission opened with a bit of contention concerning the city’s junk vehicle ordinance.
Laurie Anderson, former owner of Erv’s Conoco/Star City Motor, was on hand at the August 10th meeting to discuss the clean-up of his property along Central Ave. East. As the property owner, Anderson had received a letter about having the lot cleared by July 1.
“We had some issues with junk vehicles on the lot,” said Commissioner Paul Thomas. “From my standpoint, the lot still looks like it did in July.”
He added the city has also received a complaint about the property and failure to enforce city ordinances.
Anderson replied that he had complied with the city’s requests, as he had cleaned almost everything out of the lot, and was hauling more away the next the morning.
“The three Model As are in good condition, and they’re project cars,” Anderson said. “Every vehicle on the lot will be licensed or covered within the month.”