City tackles issues

10/15/09 (Thu)

As Velva City Commissioners approved several applications from local businesses at the regular meeting, they also heard from a distressed parent concerning the parking and traffic problems near the Velva High School.
Deanna Frantsen, who lives near the school, attended Monday night’s meeting to register her concerns for the safety of youngsters walking to and from the school.
“I’m worried about kids walking out from between the cars parked all along our streets,” she said. “People are parking on the yellow and even into my driveway. Sometimes I have trouble getting out.”
Frantsen also said the parked vehicles often block mailboxes so the post office can’t deliver mail.
Deputy Rick Bauer was on hand, and said there is a defined distance people are supposed to park from mailboxes and driveways, but it’s hard to enforce without yellow curb markings. In addition, some of current curb paint is faded and difficult to see.
Commissioner Scott Blotter said freshening up the paint and alerting law enforcement should help cut down on the problem.
“We start handing out fines to kids who are parking illegally, and that will put a stop to a lot of it,” he said. “But we can’t just paint yellow anywhere we want, we have to look into legalities of it.”