Commission tackles project delays

9/17/09 (Thu)

Following the news that the Main Street project will probably not be completed until next spring, Velva City Commissioners spent most of last Monday’s meeting addressing issues connected to the project.
The commission started the meeting by approving sale of the General Obligation bonds to provide funding for the project. They also passed a resolution to obtain loan funds from the State Revolving Fund to cover the water transmission line. (The SRF funds were part of the initial water project  and repayment has already been accessed in the specials for the water plant.)
Also in connection with the Main Street Project, Cory Schmaltz, manager of Farmers Union Oil in Velva, was on hand to dispute a bill he received from Pinky’s Aggregate.
Schmaltz was disputing the $6000 bill on the basis that they didn’t know if the contaminated soil in question was from the Farmers Union station or another now-defunct business.
“It hasn’t been determined if this stuff is from us,” Schmaltz said. “I don’t think our company should be responsible for this bill.”
He added he had spoken to the State Health Department about the issue, and had been told to move forward.
“I was under the impression Cenex was taking care of this,” said Commission Scott Blotter. “I left there (the site) thinking that.”
Schmaltz maintained he “never said that.”
“I said I’d store the soil and haul it, since we were already doing that on the corner lot,” he said, referring to the former site of Erv’s Conoco. “But I never said we’d pay for it.”
Schmaltz also questioned the four hours of downtime on Pinky’s statement, billed at $500 an hour.