Don't walk on the oil!

7/23/09 (Thu)

With any luck, the signal lights will be moved and First Avenue reopened by this weekend, Monday at the latest. The move was announced at Tuesday’s public meeting with contractors.
While the Main Street project is running about two weeks behind the original schedule, contractors say they’re gaining a couple days a week, and hope to be back on schedule soon.
The remainder of this week will find Keller Paving priming the gravel base and preparing subgrade on the second block of the downtown district, then paving it on Friday.
Pedestrians are reminded that once the tack oil goes down on the gravel, DO NOT WALK ON IT.
“People should not walk across the street after we put the prime coat down on Wednesday,” said Dustin Keller of Keller Paving. “You really don’t want to walk on it.”
Both appearance and odor should alert pedestrians to the tack oil. 
The sidewalks on that block will be poured Wednesday morning, limiting access to Northern Tier Federal Credit Union for several hours that morning. As soon as it possible, contractors will lay boards across the fresh concrete to allow customers into the credit union.