Duct taped, dyed, shaved and pied

5/27/10 (Thu)

Students and staff at Velva Public School celebrate the arrival of spring with a barbecue and what amounted to a teacher “torture” session, albeit of the light-hearted variety.
On May 19, the students and teachers gathered on the front lawn of the school for the Student Council-sponsored pranks, which ranged from duct-taping teachers to walls, pie throwing, head-shaving and one impromptu hair coloring job. The students were working to raise money for the commons area in the proposed new addition to the school. Between selling hunks of duct tape and tickets for a chance at pie throwing or shaving Principal Mike McNeff’s head, the group raised over $1,000.
The afternoon barbecue was put on by the school and was in honor of the students meeting Adequate Yearly Progress in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act.