Funnies Extra!

It's really, really close … really!

6/03/10 (Thu)

At Tuesday’s street project meeting, all indications were the end is in sight.
Dustin Keller of Keller Paving said his crews were raising manholes Tuesday and Wednesday, and then planned to begin laying the final lift of asphalt on Thursday. If the good weather holds, the paving will be complete by this weekend.
Pilot cars and flag people will be present during the final stage of paving, as crews will start on the east side and pave all the way down Main on Thursday, then do the west lane on Friday.
A potential delay was averted when Velva city commissioner Scott Blotter, DOT representatives and Keller agreed to replace/repair a concrete gutter after the final lift was in place. DOT and city officials are not satisfied with the gutter way, curb and driveway at the west corner of Central and Main. Blotter said the concrete was scaled, and the DOT reps concurred, saying it was “unacceptable for new product” and there must have been something wrong with the water-cement mixture.
After some discussion, the contractor and officials agreed the concrete could be replaced and patched in after the final lift of asphalt to prevent any further delays.
Also completed this week will be the concrete panels that cover the repaired curb stops, while the boulevards will be prepped and seeded.
DOT officials also told Keller that traffic control “wasn’t up to standards,” and said flaggers needed to be put in place to prevent snarling traffic down Main.
The meeting concluded with Keller stating his plans to have a “finished product” in place by June 12.