May not have to dig up Main Street ... again

4/22/10 (Thu)

The Velva City Commission held the city equalization and regular monthly meetings last week. A hot topic was the repair of last summer’s inadequately installed sanitary sewer lines.
Keller Paving, the lead contractor on the Main Street project, has brought in a technology from Minnesota to hopefully remedy the situation, providing an alternative to tearing up the new pavement and digging up the lines.
Work started on the second block of the business district this week as crews used a nine foot machine and ran it through the sewer line. When the probe detects a anomaly in the sewer line, it vibrates, causing dirt to drop down and around the line and correct the lift of the pipe. The method will be used to attempt correction of the line all the way down Main Street. If it’s effective, it will not be necessary to tear up the streets again this year.
However, manhole number 8 on the north end of Main Street will still have to be reset. Prejob meetings with the contractors, DOT, engineers and the city are tentatively scheduled to begin this week. Keller will also be completing some patchwork around town where curbs are broken.
The city commissioners were also informed there is a recurring storm sewer blockage on Church Avenue. Crews are checking it out to see if it filled with mud or if there is another problem.