More delays for street project

9/03/09 (Thu)

The original deadline for Velva’s Main Street project was October 17. Now, that date is a wistful wish, gone with the wind, as wet weather and snafus pushed that date back two weeks.
Now, contractors are in the process of formulating yet another tentative schedule, pushing the completion date back another two weeks as work appears ready to stretch into November.
At Tuesday morning’s meeting, Dale Honsey of Pinky’s Aggregate admitted to some problems with the sewer line, and said his crew was already working on it.
Last week, a large rock was found wedged into the 10 inch sewer line between manholes eight and nine, north of Park Avenue. Honsey said they rigged up their own device to remove the obstruction, and were able to effectively do so.
At the insistence of City Engineer Alan Estvold, a crew was in town to take a camera through the entire new sewer line. Engineers, contractors and DOT officials are still watching the tapes of the testing, but already, problems have been found.
Inconsistencies in the depth of the pipe on Park Avenue were detected, and Pinky’s will have to address the problem. Also, a rolled gasket was found between manholes eight and nine and will have to be dug up and repaired. Another issue was a drainage problem from manhole eight to the lift station.