Progress slow but sure

8/27/09 (Thu)

Contractors are still playing catch-up on the Main Street project, and as work on the east side nears an end, a wrench was thrown in the works.
Or rather, a rock.
The upon inspecting the new sewer line with a camera snake, Pinky’s Aggregate discovered a large rock wedged into the 10-inch pipe between manholes eight and nine, north of Park Avenue. Fortunately, work will continue while CTI (Central Trenching Inc.) removes the rock using an industrial-type vacuum.
The aggregate company found the blockage, and Dale Honsey of Pinky’s insists the rock was “intentionally” put in the pipe as a form of vandalism.
The project contract requires Pinky’s to mandrel the entire sewer line, but at Tuesday morning’s meeting, Velva City Engineer Alan Estvold was adamant the line also be inspected via camera. (Mandrel testing used on critical pipelines to verify the quality of installation. A mandrel is a ball or elliptical plug-shaped object slightly smaller in diameter than the pipe. It is passed through a pipeline to ensure that the minimum acceptable internal diameter is maintained throughout.)
“This isn’t the first problem we’ve had,” Estvold said. “I’m telling you that you need to take a camera through there and I want to see it.”