Rash of robberies

8/27/09 (Thu)

Businesses and residences in Velva, Karlsruhe and Granville have been the victim of a series of break-ins and robberies over the last few weeks.
Pete’s Pub and Olson’s Garage in Karlsruhe were among the victims, although the attempt to break into the bar was unsuccessful.
In addition, local lawn sheds have been entered, as have the Velva Park and Pool. In the park, gasoline was stolen out of a lawn shed, and picnic tables were tossed into the river. At the football field, tackling dummies were also thrown into the river. There have also been reports across the county of gas being siphoned.
Last week, perpetrators broke into the Jack Rogers home in Velva, and “went through everything,” according to McHenry County Deputy Trey Skager.