Robberies appear solved

9/03/09 (Thu)

The recent robberies and vandalism incidents that have plagued Velva and surrounding communities appear to have been solved.
According to McHenry County Sheriff Marv Sola, two to three juveniles from Minot are responsible for various incidents of theft and vandalism, while an adult perpetrator is being sought for the break-in and robbery at the Jack Rogers home in Velva.
“We have one of the young men from Minot talking,” Sola said. “They’ve been into so much that they can’t remember them all, it’s unbelievable.”
The sheriff said he and fellow authorities believe the trio is reponsible for thefts and vandalism in Velva, Glenburn, Westhope, Granville, Karlsruhe and Minot, including the Velva Park and football field. Officials are working with the boys and should know more in a few days.