Selling Velva

2/18/10 (Thu)

Business and community leaders gathered at the local steakhouse in Velva on Monday, responding to a request from McHenry County JDA Director Maria Effertz Hanson.
As she prepares to seek Magic Fund rural funding and state promotional funding, Hanson was seeking input from local people as to how they would like to see the promotional dollars targeted.
In the, the Rural Marketing Match from Minot’s Magic Fund has been used to advertised the community and its events, as well public relations, signs, brochures and web pages.
Hanson said that if they only seek money from the Magic Fund, Velva would have $4,000 in matching funds available. However, if community leaders chose to promote outside a 50 mile radius of the city, they would qualify for the Department of Commerce Partners in Marketing funding of up to $20,000. The only other catch with the DOC money is you can’t push your retail outlets: you have to promote events and the community itself.