Sharp shooter takes aim

7/23/09 (Thu)

Xtreme sports shooter Patrick Flanigan put on a quite a show in Velva last week, despite high winds. His exhibition shooting was enjoyed by a couple hundred people, on hand for SunPrairie Grain’s customer appreciation dinner at the Velva rodeo grounds last Wednesday, July 15.
Flanigan took aim at everything from heads of lettuce to aspirin, in addition to the clay targets he uses to set his world records. (He holds five world records for shooting hand-thrown clay targets and a record for shooting 12 rounds in 1.42 seconds.)
The 30 year old shooter is a native of Oshkosh, Wis., and tours the country putting on exhibitions. His main sponsor is Winchester, and he is one of only two people to have a Winchester rifle named after him: The super X3 Flanigun. (Flanigan shoots a modified version of the gun in his shows.) Winchester also named a gun after actor John Wayne.