Still behind, but working hard

7/30/09 (Thu)

Looking ahead to the scheduled completion date for the Main Street project, contractors admit they’re still behind schedule, but continue to push hard.
According to Justin Thurn of Keller Paving, the traffic signals will move to the north side of the bridge on North Main around August 17. That means anyone entering town from the north will have to obey the traffic lights.
They expect to close the west side of Main from Central to Second Avenue around September 1. The contractors anticipate the two business blocks to take about three weeks to complete, but the work will move faster after that. Thurn feels they can do about one block a week once they move out of the business district, which would push completion back to October 25, one week past the scheduled date of October 17.
However, they have received permission to extend the work zone to three blocks, as they did with the east side of the street. They believe this will speed up the work and allow them to gain back the lost time and meet the October 17 deadline.
As far as this week’s schedule, the bike path concrete and black dirt will be finished this week, with seeding and signage put in next week to complete that project.  Keller will begin removing concrete and asphalt at the north end of the street as Pinky’s backfills between Second and Third Avenues.