Vandals strike Velva and Drake

4/15/10 (Thu)

The Velva Sports Complex in the city park and the Drake cemetery were both vandalized over the Easter holiday.
Spray paint and destruction was the order of the day as unknown perpetrators wrecked havoc in the two communities.
In Velva, football dummies were slashed, a water fountain was ripped off a dugout, the wing walls on the baseball concession stand bathrooms were ripped down, and the old football scoreboard and several doors were beaten with a baseball bat or similar tool. In addition, the combination concession stand/storage unit at the football field was spray painted, as was the nearby sidewalk, and the screens were cut out of the windows. Early estimates place the damages at approximately $5000.
In Drake, a building at the cemetery was spray painted, and McHenry County Deputy Rick Bauer and McHenry County Sheriff Marv Sola believe the two incidents are connected. They said the same type of paint and slogans were evident at both sites, leading them to believe it was the same individuals involved in the two cases.
Bauer is investigating the incidents, and believes there were three people involved, given footprint evidence at the Velva site. Sola said the department has some ideas as to who was involved, and Bauer declined to say anything beyond that.
“We’re actively investigating,” Bauer said. “We aren’t sure yet if it was juveniles or adults.”
Anyone with information regarding the vandalism in Velva or Drake is encouraged to call the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department at 537-5633.