Velva potential site for feed plant

9/30/10 (Thu)

Representatives of the Central Dakota Feeds Initiative (CDFI) were in Velva last Tuesday to investigate the possibility of establishing a superfeeds plant/mill in Velva.
Brian Garhofer and Darrell Cruea of Cruea & Associates, a business consulting firm, are visiting ten possible plant sites across North Dakota to access each community’s interest and suitability. The consultants have been hired by the CDFI with funds obtained through the Carrington Research Center.
CDFI is aimed at developing value-added feed products that are regionally manufactured and utilize co-products with in that region. The market for the final product, however, could reach national and international levels.
The so-called superfeeds are an all-natural supplemental feed in pellet form. Utilizing co-products such as canola meal, sunflower meal, field peas, barley malt sprouts and wheat midds, a nutritionist formulates the feed for the best product possible. The final products include the CDFI’s flagship feed, along with a beef feedlot grower, beef feedlot supplement, high bypass lactation supplement and range cow cake.
“The co-products are used to make a feed with superior physical and nutritional characteristics,” Garhofer said. “We’re out now gathering information on possible locations for the process.”