Velva school seeking construction bond

7/29/10 (Thu)

After meeting with the architects and much discussion, the Velva School Board has approved the initial resolution on General Obligation School Building Bonds of $4.4 million. A special election is scheduled for September 14 to give local voters the opportunity to vote on the bond issue.
According to new Velva Superintendent Jeff Manley, the board approved the bond issue for a vote at a June 16th special meeting. Manley then met with the Citizens Building Committee on July 20. Those in attendance included Marla Erickson, Maria Effertz Hanson, Velva Principals Nancy Dockter and Mike McNeff, Alice Westby, Melonie Weidler, Dave Thom, JD Larson, Suzy and Curt Lee, Jeff Michalenko, Carl Keller, Randy Hauck, Larry Sandy, Alan Effertz, Kim and Alden Hollenbeck and Teri Kvamme. (Suzy Lee and Keller were the only school board members on hand, so there wasn’t a quorum.)
Manley said the meeting served several purposes, including introducing himself, informing the committee of the school board’s action, and to establish a procedure for a public relations campaign for the bond issue.
“I’ve been trying to get up to speed on the issue and familiarize myself with what’s going on,” Manley said. “I also want to introduce myself to the community and help the public understand the bond issue and why it’s important to the school.”
The school board has met with bondsmen, and they are currently looking into several bond options, including Build America Bonds and Recovery Zone Bonds. Manley estimates the interest rates on such bonds are currently running around 3.9 percent.
Recent property tax relief, however, has lowered local property owners’ burden, as the school mill levy has dropped from 180 mills to 110.